Fife Youth Radio is an online radio station, based in Leven, Fife. We have our own studios in Leven and Blairhall where we broadcast to the world wide web. We have a number of voluntary presenters that are interested in the station and all have their own show. Anyone can apply to be a presenter and get involved.

The main aim of the radio station is for young people to listen to and find out whats going on in their area, for example: youth projects, sports clubs, youth clubs and many more. Young prople are always complaining about having nothing to do, well our aim is to change that.

Fife Youth Radio strive to make lives better for young people in Fife by providing an interactive “what’s on – especially for young people guide” over the radio waves for young people to tune into online and find out what they can go and do. From being the local gala to there local drama group that happens every week. Instead of sitting in the house bored or hanging about the streets, they can find out what’s out there for them and go and do it!

What’s more is that Fife Youth Radio also have training workshops available to young people that will allow them to receive top-of-the-range training in our very own studio and allow them to give something back by becoming a radio presenter, allowing them to take part in our project and letting other young people know what’s on, as they would be given their own show once a week for an hour.

Training Projects
Over the past couple of years presenters from Fife Youth Radio have taken part in numerous training sessions and workshops, as well as sessions in our very own studio presenters have also travelled to London to take part in training from the BBC, and to Edinburgh to take part in training run by Young Scot.

Extensive training is given to all of out presenters to ensure that the best quality radio presenting is products live on air.

Presenters and volunteers of Fife Youth Radio have taken part in numerous fundraising events, including sponsored events such as a sponsored walk and the Titan Crane abseil. We have also participated in bag backing sessions at local supermarkets to raise money for transport to training events and team building. All of this work done by every member of the group has made the radio station possible, this all contributes towards making the whole project a success and without everyones help we wouldn’t be where we are today.
Presenters and volunteers at FYR continue to take part in events and fundraising activities in order to continue the success that the radio station has seen over the last year, with your help we can continue to grow and become bigger and bigger. Fife Youth Radio needs you!